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    Review of the @ciatelondon and the @jeffreestar highlight palette: ❤️ So I know it's been some time since I've done a review on makeup products but here are my personal thoughts/opinions on these so as always please and if you feel the same or differently please let me know. First up the @ciate by Miss @chloemorello herself. Long story short the colours are very pretty, creamy, pigmented and they blend easily, however I was disappointed with the combo in the palette (as you all know I like a mixture of mattes and shimmers) and this palette had too many shimmer/glitter shades. I also was annoyed that the matte shades were either too light or too dark if there was one medium shade matte (maybe a brown) then it would've made it a lot better. I will still use this palette (so its not a total flop) it just probably won't be my favorite anytime soon. Next the palette in the 2017 holiday collection by Mr @jeffreestar and imma keep this brief. I loved this palette, the swatches were amazing, and it works even better on my face. The palette has a good mixture of blinding and slightly more subtle shades. It is creamy, pigmented, and makes you glow to the gods!! Loving the and shades and I didn't think I would. No bad words to say about this palette 😘 #chloemorellociatepallette #lavendarsnow #prettyfunfearlessvol2 #noshadenohate #platinumice #alienice

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    • 07/12/2017
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    There's a delicate type of beauty in broken people. Most of the time their sad or scared, but every once in a while you see the sun shine through the cracks of their heart...k.b.g #makeuplooks #eyeshadowbrows #nyxbakedblush #ciatéwonderwandeyeliner #chloemorellociatelondon #byscontour #lancomefoundation #chloemorellociatepallette #makeupgeek #lightgreenhalo #ciatewonderlandmascara #ciatelondonliquidvelvet

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    • 24/11/2017